Oculus Rift and IndieCade Holding Month-Long VR Jam

The Oculus Rift has picked up quite some traction in recent months. Quite a few developers have hopped on board the VR train to develop for it. 

To further court indie developers, Oculus Rift has joined forces with IndieCade to host a month-long VR game jam in August. "Participants are challenged to build the most innovative virtual reality games and experiences designed specifically for the Oculus Rift," states the contest page. 

Grand prize winners will receive a boatload of cash ($10,000), a trip to the Oculus headquarters to meet the team, and a free trip to IndieCade to demo their game. Second place winners, third place winners, and finalists will all receive prizes as well. 

The competition is open to all, though the contest will be divided between Open Call (all Rift developers) and Selected Developers (hand selected previous IndieCade developers.) For those that don't have a Rift development kit, playtest hubs will be open in Los Angeles at USC and in New York at NYU. 

The VR jam will kick off August 2 and will end on August 25. Those interested in more details can check out the official contest website.

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  • aoneone
    Oh boy! I can't wait for consumer version~ ^_^
  • brettms71
    I tried the Oculus at PAX Australia. It was really awesome. Can't wait to open my wallet and throw money at them to give me one!
  • theclouds
    In my eyes, the Oculus Rift is the real next-gen gaming tech. PS4 and Xbox One are nice advancements but pale to the avenues the Oculus opens. Rumors of cost subsidizing sweetens the prospect further.