Microsoft Office Coming to iOS and Android

Between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, the Surface, the new Xbox Dashboard, and SmartGlass, Microsoft has had a pretty big month. Still, just because the company is celebrating launches across many different divisions, that doesn't mean it's willing to talk about just anything. One thing Redmond has kept pretty quiet about is Office for iOS and Android.

However, it seems someone is willing to talk. The Verge cites several sources close to Microsoft's plans that say the company will release Office for Android and iOS in early 2013. This matches up nicely with reports we heard in early October that said native Microsoft Office apps will launch on both iOS and Android next March.

The Verge reports that Office for Android and iOS will require Microsoft account.The first time a user launches the app, he or she can purchase an Office 365 subscription that will allow editing functionality. Without an Office 365 subscription, Office Mobile users will be restricted to basic viewing functionality for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

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  • belardo
    Good.... also it shows that the NEED for a Windows-based computer is that much lower.
  • arnoldlouie
    I would assume it doesn't have all the features that the desktop ms office has.. anyway they should release a better version for windows 8 phones just to piss people with iphones.. but maybe they don't use ms office... too busy with facebook and youtube.
  • ronch79
    Just to be expected. Microsoft knows that they have to "skate to the puck" (in AMD speak), else the puck will leave them behind. ARM is booming nowadays, so MS knows they have to enter the picture. It's the same with Android.