Microsoft Launches Office for Android Phones

Apple's iOS finally got Microsoft's Office 365 at the end of June and now, a little over one month on, Microsoft is looking after Android users. The company today released Office 365 for Android. Similar to the launch of Office 365 for iOS, this one is for Office 365 subscribers only, which means you'll have to get a subscription to Microsoft's Office 365 Home Premium and ProPlus before you can use the app.

Interestingly, Microsoft has made it abundantly clear that this is Office for Android phones as opposed to Android devices (i.e., phones and tablets). Despite the fact that Microsoft's productivity apps would arguably be more useful for those with tablets, Office 365 for Android is explicitly for smartphone users (similar to how Office 365 for iOS doesn't have a dedicated tablet interface). 

If you don't have an Office 365 subscription and don't fancy forking over the cash just to try the app, you can get a 30-day trial on

  • Darkk
    Phones only?? Guess they don't want folks use it on competing OS such as Android for the tablet.
  • tului
    Can't you just sideload the damn thing?
  • w8gaming
    Just curious why an app is necessary as the webapp for Office can run in a browser and come free with skydrive?
  • Cryio
    It will come to Android tablets as well eventually. Stop your nagging
  • Vorador2
    Obligatory subscription to Office 365


    I will stick to Polaris Office.
  • back_by_demand
    Despite all the moaning it is still the worlds most popular productivity suite, they are under no compunction to release it for any platform other than their own, so either quitchabitchin or arrange for Google to release their own productivity suite - oh wait, they did, largely ignored by the whole corporate world
  • Charles Gregory
    Have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-i317) and a valid Office 365 subscription. The only app I get access to is OneNote.