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This is the WoW: Mists of Pandaria Opening Sequence

Blizzard sent over a video (below) and a screenshot (above) yanked from the opening sequence to World of Warcraft's fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria. The new content will arrive next month on September 25, offered in DVD format for Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 and Macintosh, and in digital form directly from Blizzard's World of Warcraft website, both priced at $39.99 USD.

"You've ended Deathwing's destructive rampage and saved the dragonflights from extinction," reads Blizzard's new description. "Now you must unlock the mysteries of the lost continent and discover the dark secrets of Pandaria's past. Explore ancient kingdoms hidden since before the Sundering, plunder vast treasures from the depths of the forgotten vaults, and rise to defend Pandaria from the shadow of a long buried evil - before it's too late."

A special Collector's Edition packed with bonus items will be available exclusively in retail stores for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD. The Digital Deluxe version will cost $59.99 USD and include a full digital copy of the expansion along with the following exclusive in-game bonus items. Players who purchase the standard edition digitally or at retail will have the option to upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version at any time (for as long as the standalone Digital Deluxe version remains available) for an additional $20 USD.

The new expansion features a new playable race (the Pandaren) with its own starting zone and quests, a new character class (the monk), and an expansive new continent for players to explore. There's also a new level cap of 90, a flexible new kind of cooperative PvE trial, challenge modes and a pet battle system. The opening cinematic embedded below was first presented at Gamescom 2012 this week.

"Whether you’re Horde or Alliance, there is one question we all must consider: Why do we fight?" Blizzard says.