Tom's Guide: Tips for Living Without the Optical Drive

The advent of Ultrabooks has seen the optical drive omitted from a lot of ultraportable computers. While the industry is adapting to the fact that not everyone has an optical drive, there are still challenges for those that choose to go for a machine that doesn't have one. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of tips on how to get by without one. Be sure to check out 'Tips for Living Without the Optical Drive' for all their advice.

In the quest for lighter and more mobile laptops and ultrabooks, one piece of hardware that used to be a necessity is often being sacrificed. The CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc reader, once a computing necessity, is being challenged by ever more reliable broadband, cloud storage, and other options. Is it possible to go without the built-in optical drive? With some slight adjustment on how you consume your media and work with software, that's definitely possible!

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  • seller417
    i guess hardware drivers will come on flash drives
  • teh_chem
    LOL, a write-up where one of the tips for living without an optical drive is to use an external one. Genius.
  • digiex
    Torrent, the best file and multimedia repository.
    ...and just observed when making this post, when I move the cursor using the keyboard arrows, the article also scrolls sideways.