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$1000 Optimus Popularis Keyboard Gets a Shipping Date

Last summer, we heard about Art Lebedev Studio's Optimus Popularis keyboard concept, a shockingly expensive peripheral that replaced traditional keyboard buttons with customizable OLED screens. Originally planned for a late 2010 release, the keyboard was pushed back along with news of a new six LCD keypad hopping into production as well.

After years of waiting, it looks like Lebedev is finally ready to reveal its final product, the updated Optimus Popularis that is now officially available for preorder. Although the device won't ship until June 2012, you'd better act quickly as the price is expected to jump 30% after the preorder period. That's assuming you have $1100 sitting around waiting to be spent, of course.

So what could possibly make a keyboard worth more than $1000? How about 262,144 unique colors, a backlit LCD screen, a 64x64 pixel grid for each key and complete customization. Each key can be set up with custom static images, gifs or even mov files with a frame rate of up to 10fps. Lebedev likes to describe its keyboard as "A million keyboards in one" and we couldn't agree more, especially since the price tag feels like a million keyboards smacking your wallet across the face.

But for the individuals who enjoy owning diamond studded computer mice and gold plated iPhones, the Optimus Popularis will be an excellent addition to the family of things to show off. If you're ready to part with $1086/€747, or if you just want to drool at a few more pictures of the Optimus Popularis, head on over to Lebedev's preorder page here.

If the price tag of the Popularis is a bit too intimidating, perhaps you'll enjoy the Optimus Mini Six Keypad, with six fully customizable keys at the cost of $376 or €258. The Mini Six won't be shipping until as late as November 1, 2012 but the preorder is available now along with the Popularis.