Thermaltake's $99 Case Packs SATA HDD Dock

Cases might not garner big headlines but they're extremely important for the enthusiast building their own PC. When it comes to cases, convenience and accessibility are high on the list of priorities for most people.

Budget cases can be picked up for half nothing but you won't get any of the fancy features commonly associated with higher end cases. However, Thermaltake has announced a $99 case with one feature that's definitely worth the money they're asking: an integrated SATA HDD dock.

The V9 BlacX Edition is the world's first mid-tower chassis to have an integrated dual-bay docking station up front and easily accessible. Fully integrated with no need for a power source or USB connection, this nifty little feature allows for easy swapping of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA HDDs.

Oh, and that little blue USB port at the front is for USB 3.0.

Who's interested?

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  • chickenhoagie
    looks like a really nice case. looks well worth the $99

    my father has a similar case with all the tricky fans on the side and it keeps his quad core Q9550 at 17 degrees idle and only up to 24 degrees on full blast! very impressive what those fans can do
  • matt314
    Didnt you guys already post this? I've seen this somewhere...
  • Arethel

    That's one of the most popular case mods people ask me to do for them...