Tom's Guide: 13 Free Tools for Viewing and Editing PDFs

Sometimes you just need more than your bog standard PDF viewer. To that end, the Tom's Guide team has gone out and rounded up 13 tools that will allow you to view, edit, annotate, splice and stich PDF documents together. Be sure to check them all out in '13 Free Tools for Viewing and Editing PDFs.'

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) has become something of a standard for sharing high quality digital documents. Unfortunately, many PDF readers only support a minimal set of tools for editing, annotating, or otherwise modifying PDF documents, and PDF publishing and editing suites, while powerful, can often cost an arm and a leg. Don't fret though, as there are a fair number of viewers that do more than just open PDF files, with loads of free tools to modify, split, merge, encrypt, or digitally sign these electronic documents.

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  • jaber2
    Was foxit even included?
  • AzureFlash
    Stay pleb, Foxit users. Sumatra (which isn't even on this list) is king. PDF-XChange, which is what Sumatra is based on, is acceptable as well however.

    You don't need 13 different programs to handle PDF, you just need one that does it reliably, elegantly and blazingly fast. That's Sumatra.
  • Max Collodi
    jaber2Was foxit even included?

    I believe Foxit's editing features are a paid add-on.