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Microsoft Co-founder Calls Certain Win 8 Features ''Puzzling''

One of Microsoft's founders, Paul Allen, has offered his lengthy opinion on the company's forthcoming Windows 8. While he praises the majority of the operating system, he admits that some features are "puzzling."

Allen has penned a thorough analysis of Windows 8 in a blog post that included images and tips for helping users customize particular features. Ultimately, he believes the OS is a lot "snappier and more responsive," as says the tablet features are "bold and innovative."

However, Allen also stresses that the dual modes could potentially be confusing for users, which may ring especially true when two versions of the same application such as Microsoft's own Internet Explorer can be run simultaneously.

"Windows 8 does certainly require a brief adjustment period before users become familiar and comfortable with the new bimodal operating system," said Allen, who is worth more than $10 billion.

He went on to note that Windows doesn't allow users to start their systems with the desktop as the default view, which Allen believes should be a option. As for the "Charms" bar that delivers access to significant features such as search and settings, the co-founder noted that it isn't easily showcased to users.

What Allen found most "puzzling" in Windows 8, though, was actually adjusting to the operating system's new additions as a traditional desktop user. For instance, he found it difficult to utilize multiple monitors, in addition to the system sometimes switching between the two modes without his permission.

"Personally, I would almost always prefer for Windows to leave me in whichever mode I was already in," he stressed.

Criticism aside, Allen said PC users should generally be able to pick up the changes without much difficulty. Windows 8 on tablets, meanwhile, is "elegant, responsive, and stacks up nicely with other tablets on the market."

"I'm confident that Windows 8 offers the best of legacy Windows features with an eye toward a very promising future," he concluded.

While Allen was evidently critical of the operating system, Acer's founder had gone as far as to say that Windows 8 is more stable than Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 6.

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