VOTW: Adobe Makes Photoshopping Easy as Pie

The 'Content-Aware Fill' tool allows you to remove unwanted items, like camera lens flare and stray pieces of trash or out-of-place rocks with just a couple of clicks. Adding, moving and repairing just got a whole lot easier – all you have to do is select the problem area with the Content-Aware Fill tool, click and Photoshop does the rest.

Check out the video below for a demo.

    O_O thats pretty good

    man i could make textures for my maps way easier with that
  • curnel_D
    Uh... Holy ***! Adobe just turned me into a Photoshop professional.
  • leo2kp
  • dan117
    I hope it's not some April fools' joke from Adobe. This would be very useful.
  • deadly4u
    OH... MY... GOD... Content-Aware Fill is my new best friend *cry*

    The amount of time I spent doing EXACTLY what this tool is showing me, could have saved me SO MUCH TIME
  • saaiello
    Well that just frickin awesome
  • If this is true, it will be the very best thing Adobe have ever created!

    I will pay for this kind of functionality! I spend hours every week doing exactly those touch ups, hours of life given back to me :)
  • Kryan
    content aware. THE reason to buy CS5.

    but this has a down side...how many photo manipulating companies are gonna go bust now???
  • salimbest83
    i just..WOW
  • SchizoFrog
    Will this tool also be included in the next version of Elements or only in the full CS5?