Valve Delays Portal 2 Again

Looks as though Valve's Portal 2 will be delayed again. Yesterday the company sent over an email giving us heads up that the game will now ship during the week of April 18th, 2011.

"Valve today announced that Portal 2--the sequel to the ground-breaking title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its original ship date--will now be available the week of April 18th, 2011," the company said. "This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve's proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date."

Portal 2 was originally slated for a Christmas 2010 release, however the company said back in June that the game wouldn't be ready by then and thus shoved the release date into early 2011.

"Representatives from both [Aperture Laboratories LLC and Valve] acknowledged that public safety concerns factored into the decision," Valve said right before E3 2010. "They went on to say that even though Portal 2 will arrive slightly later than planned, all life on earth won't instantaneously stop as every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light, which is what would happen should a rip ever appear in the fabric of Valve Time."

So far the world hasn't imploded on itself, however one more Portal 2 delay may cause the fabric of time-space to unravel and destroy the known universe. Let's cross our fingers that Portal 2 arrives in April.

  • reprotected
  • jomofro39
    And the sky is blue. I don't mind. I love the quality products. Always seem to be worth the wait IMO.
  • xerroz
    inb4 delayed to june 2011
  • LuckyDucky7
    How about some news on Half-Life 2 Episode 3 as well?
  • sunflier
    I can appreciate it when instead of releasing something thats not ready in time for Christmas sales they instead hold it to make it right.
  • ivan_chess
    I'm glad they are looking out for mankind's best interest, I like existing.
  • scione
    Well, I would rather have a game thats more polished, but dam I was looking forward to Portal 2 around christmas
  • sstym
    A 2 month delay on a Valve game almost feels like a game being released one year early.

  • phoenix777

    but at least it will be an awesome game, cant wait.
  • squanto
    IMO Valve delivers excellent titles with consistency, and I don't want that to change with Portal 2. Delay my friends, for I expect nothing but the best.