Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Grants Beta, Early Access

The wait for Guild Wars 2 is nearly over, as NCsoft has revealed the upcoming MMOG's Pre-Purchase program which spans the Collector's Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Standard Edition. NCsoft will gladly accept your money starting April 10, and in return will provide guaranteed entry into all beta weekend events and a three-day head start prior to launch.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition will retail at $149.99 and include a detailed, hand-painted 10-inch statue of the bestial warrior Rytlock Brimstone wielding his signature sword. Along with the Rytlock statue, players will receive a custom frame along with five Guild Wars 2 art prints, a 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book, and a Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD by Jeremy Soule.

Also included in the Collector's Edition will be five in-game items including a Mistfire Wolf that will fight alongside players and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany them on their travels through Tyria. There's also a Golem Banker, a Chalice of Glory and a Tomb of Influence. The entire Collector's Edition package will arrive in an awesome collectible metal box engraved with a map of Tyria.

As for the $79.99 Digital Deluxe Edition, it will only add the five in-game items seen in the Collector's Edition -- so far it won't contain digital versions of the soundtrack, Making Of book or the five prints. This is surprising given that the Digital Deluxe Edition is $20 more than the Standard Edition which merely offers the Guild Wars 2 game.

NCsoft said that those who pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 will also receive an exclusive Hero’s Band, which will provide their characters with a broad range of power boosts. Players may also pre-order Guild Wars 2 at select retailers, allowing them to reserve their copy of the game at launch. Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2 through these retailers will receive a one-day headstart prior to launch.

Guild Wars 2 is slated to launch on the PC sometime within 2012.

  • ben850
    Reminds me of the SW:ToR fiasco
  • klavis
    While I would never spend so much on a game, the collectors edition actually sounds like a reasonable deal considering what you are getting. Hand painted miniatures are can be a bit pricy and art prints, actually in frames usually aren't dirt cheap either.
  • v3rlon
    Need to figure out how to PK other players' golem bankers for easy loot!
  • leongrado
    Uhh and I wanted to buy a disk version of the game...
  • Bloob
    Oh yeah, this game is coming out as well...
  • bluekoala
    leongradoUhh and I wanted to buy a disk version of the game...Why would you want that?
    You obviously have access to the internet, MMO's are played online.
    Besides, opening a cd-rom, waiting for it to start, hearing it start, OS takes a sh!t is a tedious chore.
    But hey, who am I to judge? I still glance at a newspaper from time to time
  • ben850
    bluekoalaWhy would you want that?You obviously have access to the internet, MMO's are played online.Besides, opening a cd-rom, waiting for it to start, hearing it start, OS takes a sh!t is a tedious chore.But hey, who am I to judge? I still glance at a newspaper from time to time
    Not to mention most games' files are completely replaced by online updates after the first couple of weeks.
  • So far I only see a US and GB price tag, no EU or in my case, South African Rand price tag. I want this thing so I really hope it won't end up like SWTOR where we only got it sometime around the start of March even though I was part of the beta weekends.

    So Arenanet, listen to your fans from the most southern tip of Africa. There are about 10 of us from my ex-WoW guild alone with another few friends from steam that is dying to buy the game and as for me I am dying for such content packed Collectors Editions. So please please PLEASE send us a few our way!
  • 3r0s4nn1n
    Hello Tom's Hardware, just so you know it is not 1 day head start when you pre-order it is 3 days actually (info taken directly from Guild Wars 2's website).

    Proof ---> :
    Announcing Pre-Purchase for Guild Wars 2
    March 13, 2012 6:00 AM

    Starting April 10, players can secure their Guild Wars 2 Limited Collector's Edition, Digital Edition, or Digital Deluxe copy by pre-purchasing the entire game at or at select retailers. Players who pre-purchase any edition will have guaranteed entry into all beta weekend events, three-day headstart access to the final game, and Hero's Band in-game item. Learn more about our pre-purchase program and our incredible Collector's Edition right here!
  • back_by_demand
    I will be getting this from Steam