Microsoft May Cut Prices on Software for Windows Tablets

Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets aren't exactly taking the world by storm. It seems the company may be ready to try to give things a boost by dropping the price of software for manufacturers producing Windows 8 machines.

Bloomberg cites people familiar with the matter who say Microsoft may cut the price of Windows RT. These sources say the price cuts would affect Windows RT for small-sized tablets, which means tablets running the full version of Windows 8 likely won't see any changes in pricing. What's more, it's up to manufacturers to pass those savings on to customers. Regardless, it should boost the selection of Windows 8 devices sitting on shelves. That should go a long way in terms of brand recognition.

The fact that Microsoft is finally putting Windows 8 on smaller devices will help too. Today, Acer introduced us to the Inconia W3, an 8-inch Windows 8 device priced at $379 (before the addition of the optional Bluetooth keyboard and stand). Though it is the industry's first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, it's likely that Computex 2013 will bring several more.

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  • TunaSoda
    Get rid of RT, now that's a good approach ;)-
  • razor512
    Microsoft will sell a lot more RT tablets if they made them come with android by default.
  • stevejnb
    RT is fine (for what is essentially a toy), Windows tablets are fine, their products are fine... Their pricing is out of this world for an unknown product with a weak app store. You can get Android tablets the same size for less than half the cost and an iPad mini for roughly the same. Not a fan of Apple, but it does have a*far* more established ecosystem.