Prolimatech Releases Blue-Series Armageddon CPU Heatsink

Prolimatech has announced a new CPU cooler, the Special Edition Blue Series Armageddon. The cooler itself is virtually identical to the original Armageddon CPU cooler that was released in 2010, but now it has a black and blue theme.

The unit is built using a total of six copper heat pipes, a large aluminum fin stack, and has room for up to two 140 mm fans. The heat sink by itself weighs 750 grams and measures 144 x 50 x 160.3 mm. It does not come with a fan.

Compatibility is rated for all of Intel's most popular sockets, including the LGA1150 socket and the LGA2011 socket. No compatibility is listed for AMD sockets.

Prolimatech's Blue Series Armageddon CPU cooler is expected to ship starting August 30, 2013 and carries a price tag of €59.90, which translates to about $80.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • patrick47018
    That thing looks pretty massive
  • SpadeM
    I own the first gen Armageddon and it is compatible with AMD on all sockets with the Prolimatech ARM-02 kit.
  • getochkn
    No fans, doesn't work with AMD or you need a conversion kit and for that price? There is a lot of other, better, air coolers that work with all sockets and come with fans for a better price.
  • bluekoala
    I was thinking of buying a corsair Hydro H80i for my AMD FX-4300. After reading this, I'm still thinking of buying a corsair Hydro H80i for my AMD FX-4300.
  • michealcalvinjr
    Ok for looks? Noctua DH-14 and and Corsair's Hydro are better coolers for the money or otherwise. $80? lawl
  • shin0bi272
    lol these guys told me this design was impossible when I told them about it in 2008. They said that bending the tubes too severely would cause it to not work properly. Good to see I was right. Now just put a fan on each side blowing in and you have a very effective cooler.
  • doogansquest
    @shin0bi272: Not at that price you don't. The CM Hyper 212 is still the best tower cooler on air for the money. If you're going to spend $80, get a Noctua (even though they are ugly as sin), or start thinking water.