QOTW: Has Windows 7 Affected Your Battery Life?

Windows 7 users have been complaining about battery problems on Microsoft's official forums since June of last year, months before Redmond pushed out the full, public release Windows 7. Some complain that their battery life has dropped significantly, while others say the OS is suggesting they go as far as to replace their battery with a brand new one.

One user named tigger1962 says,

"Until yesterday it used [to] state that I had 7 hours battery life after a full charge; today after a full charge, it states that I have 4 hours left. I've only had it on now 15 minutes and my charge has now gone down to 2 hours 24 minutes."

Reverting to Windows XP or Vista doesn't work and neither does charging the laptop while it is off or booting to another OS to charge.

Has installing Windows 7 had a negative effect on your battery? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • theuerkorn
    Don't know, computer came pre-installed with Win7 x64. (Acer) Battery life seems normal, but not great. (certainly not the rated 3.5 hours, but that could be marketing)
  • graymen
    After installing Win 7 on my Acer Aspire 5920 my battery life went from ~2 hours to about 20 minutes. wtf? Now Win 7 recommends that I replace my battery. Seems a bit fishy to me but I typically dont go far from a power outlet when using it so its not usually a big deal.
  • tethoma
    So your suggesting in that last sentence that Windows 7 has some how physically hurt the battery life even if you installed a different OS? I have a feeling that last sentence is a typo or something.

    Yes windows 7 has lowered my battery life by roughly 10% on an Compaq 2510P when coming from XP. I am sure if I put XP back on, that I could get that 10% back, but since I get 7 hours of life its more than enough still.