MS Exec Tells Industry to Use Apple Notebooks

The founder of VodooPC, former CTO of HP's gaming business and currently a general manager at Microsoft told his Facebook friends late yesterday that every exec in the PC industry should be using an Apple notebook. Huh?

It's not like Sood told his 1688 friends to ditch Microsoft. In the end, Microsoft is mainly a software company while Apple is primarily a hardware maker. But you first thought may be whether Sood can keep his job when you read: “Every executive in the pc industry should use an apple notebook. Apple doesn’t just design products, they designed their business & process.”

Of course, her referred to Apple's thorough design process and the PC industry's inability to come up with products that are equally appealing (this may be a matter of taste.) There was a direct note about his former employer HP when he wrote: “we could have done it — just need a few years of patience, and investment in our tooling/process. We really could have done it. […] ‎.. especially with webOS, what a combination that would have been.”

Sood has a history of turning PC designs into art - that was the case at VoodooPC and, in a much more subdued way, at HP as well. There was a lot of brainwork in creating different PCs and his note goes in the same direction with a request to PC manufacturers: “For years the PC industry has been all about size and share. Since we all basically grew up on technology, I’d love to see experience-led thinking across the entire industry,” he wrote.

  • AerieC
    Steve Ballmer smack-down in 3... 2... 1...
  • The Greater Good
    But but... what about the desktops? Are the iMacs crap? What about the Mac Pro? He didn't have to say it so I'm gonna go ahead and state the obvious, "It's better to build your own desktop because you get more for your money." The truth will set you free.
  • damianrobertjones
    Not a clever move at all :( If he had stated, "Use Apple hardware but INSTALL Windows", that might have been a better move. Way to go.. annoy all the oems out there.
  • endgadget
    Not a clever move at all :( If he had stated, "Use Apple hardware but INSTALL Windows", that might have been a better move. Way to go.. annoy all the oems out there.
  • blibba
    Does he mean that we should buy Apple notebooks and install Windows on them?
  • COLGeek
    Sood actually has a point, and a good one at that. Regardless....LET THE FLAMING BEGIN. Sorry I just had to do that.

  • falchard
    see and here I was thinking he would say that because if more people buy Apple, then Microsoft would get less viruses.

    Turns out it was just a guy who made a business out of painting gray boxes red.
  • twbg4cq
    So basically he's saying, "Buy an Apple notebook, but run Windows on it"?
  • LuckyDucky7
    “Every executive in the PC industry should use an apple notebook".

    That really shows a lot of faith in your product. If I saw someone from using 's product, would I be buying from you?

    The answer is simple: NO. If you have no faith in your product, why should I buy it? If your company does not stand behind its products, why should I use them, even if the other company's products do indeed work better?

    That notwithstanding, Macs aren't designed or meant to be for executive use, for a couple of reasons:

    First, Macs exist to make more of a 'I'm so cool because I spent lots of money on my laptop' statement- not an 'I focus on the hardware and cost and make decisions that way' statement. "I'm so cool" is not important nor appropriate in a business environment.
    This is why Macs are found most often in photo studios and other, more art-focused businesses where having a Mac is important (since, arguably, they are better at that end) and cost isn't (also due to the 'cool' factor).
    In a boardroom, however, I would make a decision based on who has the best business: if you show that you don't know how to make good decisions, I won't pick you. Looking cool loses in the face of sound buying sense almost every time. Showing me that you don't believe this is so will lose you that decision.

    The second point (which ties in with that) is that Macs are substandard computers compared to PCs of the same price point.
    Macs are filled with second-rate hardware, cost more than a PC of comparable build quality, and for no logical reason whatsoever other than 'looking cool'- since Windows 7 (or Linux) can do everything OS X can: therefore it is not worth the expense. Couple that with the fact that a Mac is unusable after 2 years because the battery won't hold a charge, and you have the answer- an inferior computer at a higher price.

    Experience-led thinking shows you that PCs, especially your company's PCs (or OS or whatever) are the way to go.
  • illo
    what an idiot.