Roccat Intros Its First Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This week during CES 2013, Roccat will showcase its first-ever mechanical keyboards, the Ryos Series, which feature a unique per-key illumination. Also up for show will be a beta version of its Power-Grid app for smartphones, and the just released Kone XTD and Kone Pure gaming mice.

According to the Hamburg, Germany-based peripheral maker, the Ryos series of mechanical gaming keyboards (MK Pro, MK Glow, and MK) is the first ever to feature per-key illumination, and up to two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors. Thanks to this technology, the keyboard can display key functions, macros and even health or mana bars. There's even an included SDK, up to four different CHERRY MX key switches (black, brown, red and blue), and 2 MB of internal Flash storage. The Ryos is expected to launch in 1Q213.

As for the Power-Grid app for smartphones, this will turn the device into a remote control for your PC. Users can set up different grids to control custom settings for Windows, Skype, Media Player or games. Already included are pre-set grids for several games including StarCraft II, Skyrim and League of Legends. The app also works in reverse, the company said, allowing information to be pumped from the PC to the smartphone like high scores and map information.

"The user can call up the central news feeds from different hardware and gaming sites via the now standard integrated Media-Grid," Roccat said. "Roccat has also completed the development of an accompanying SDK, which will provide developers with the opportunity to code unique features that benefits their users."

Roccat said that one example is the integration of Born Ready Games’ space shooter, Strike Suite Zero. At a glance, gamers will be able to see in-game statistics about their accuracy, the number of missiles fired, and much more. "This information isn’t available anywhere else in the game, and it provides additional advantages to the user: if you increase your accuracy, for example, you’ll get more points," the company added.

As for the Roccat Kone XTD and Kone Pure, we've actually had these for some time, so we'll give a hands-on after the show (along with the Lua) now that the NDA has been lifted. However we'll be stopping by the Roccat booth this week to check out the new keyboard and everything else Roccat has to offer, so stay tuned.

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  • killerchickens
    Snarf Snarf
  • adgjlsfhk
    bet it's $400 or something equally useless. When I am buying a mechanical keyboard, the main thing I care about is price. This looks awesome, but there is no way it's worth one or two hundred more than entry level mechanical keyboards.
  • jerm1027
    Gotta love how the source links back to Tom's main page.
  • durrr
    "is the first ever to feature per-key illumination"

    Didn't Deck Keyboards do this already?
  • dishayu
    durrr"is the first ever to feature per-key illumination"Didn't Deck Keyboards do this already?Razer Blackwidow has individually backlit keys as well. Is per-key illumination any different? :S
  • DarkSable
    I have a completely blank Leopold with MX Browns. The only thing not uniform are white arrows, wsad, and esc keys. I love this keyboard to death, and type just as fast as I would on a marked keyboard.

    And yet? The thought of making each key do what I want sold me. If they told me I could have macros that changed the lighting rapidly enough I could have simple animations... god, I would seriously consider buying it.

    9443573 said:
    Razer Blackwidow has individually backlit keys as well. Is per-key illumination any different? :S
    I believe that means you can change the color of each key's illumination. If it doesn't mean that then there's no way I'd pay $40 for the plastic thing with lights.
  • casualcolors
    What a surprise. A tacky looking child's toy.
  • At the bottom of the page they say the list price will be 149,99€/129,99€/99,99€. So real prices will pobably be well below that.
  • chocostain
    I'm about to say "Autobots, roll out!"

    That's how it looks. Awesome!
  • waikano
    Huh? First Gaming Mechanical Keyboard? Not sure when Logitech released theirs though.