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Intel Pits HDD Against SSD in Human Productivity Faceoff

If you're reading Tom's Hardware, you're probably well aware of the advantages of a solid state drive over a traditional hard drive. However, not all users are as tech savvy. Many people have little to no idea of the difference an SSD could make to their system until they see the difference for themselves. Intel took a handful of office workers and gave them a 'productivity test,' pitting each worker against an actor using a machine with an SSD. Sadly, the video doesn't go as far as to reveal the truth to those featured, or even ask them what they thought of the difference in speed. Still, it's interesting to watch despite this. Check it out for yourself below:

Note that Intel rolled out this video shortly before the launch of its SATA III drives, but it's still amusing to see how the company is trying to convey a faster technology to the masses.

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