Postage Stamp-Sized SSDs On The Horizon

The Nikkei reports that a team of Japanese researchers have developed a technology that will help reduce the size of SSDs by more than 90-percent. This will make the drives cheaper to produce while boosting energy efficiency by 70-percent. The new technology should also help SSDs become the standard storage system in the near future, possibly even replacing current platter-based mechanical drives--at least for system booting.

Led by Professor Tadahiro Kuroda, the team is composed of researchers from Toshiba and the Keio University in Tokyo. The team has created a 1 TB SSD prototype the size of a small postage stamp, consisting of 128 NAND flash memory chips and one controller chip. The miniature storage device boasts transfer speeds of 2 Gbps, and also uses radio communications which will ultimately make it cheaper to manufacture.

Currently the team doesn't expect to see commercial versions of the product until 2012.

  • thats pretty good, now i can hide my porn collection alot easier
  • HansVonOhain
    The sata port is bigger than a postage stamp lol
  • burnley14
    It's a shame the world will end in 2012. This would SO have been worth sticking around for :)
  • kalogagatya
    pornoholic, with the cost they're gonna be at, you can START your own porn company..
  • liquid0h
    Yeah, definitely will have to use mini sata.
  • foxsterling
    "and also uses radio communications which will ultimately make it cheaper to manufacture"

    sounds fishy to me... what the heck does a device the size of a postage stamp need radio communications for, and how the heck does that make it cheaper to manufacture?
  • the_krasno
    What a coincidence! I was planning to build myself a new PC in 2012! :3
  • JonathanDeane
    So if it has built in wireless does this mean I could just plug a few of these into power strip under my desk and have hard drives just parked anywhere I have room? (I kind of like that idea, no more opening my case just to add some more storage...)
  • gekko668
    That's nice! I want that in my tower right now.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Sounds interesting. Does that mean pc cases will be smaller too?