Samsung to Reveal the Next Galaxy Phone at Event on May 3

We've been hearing about the Galaxy S III for months. When the phone didn't make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, we assumed it would show up at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Though it was certainly starting to look like Samsung might unveil the SIII at MWC, the company eventually confirmed that it would not be bringing the phone to MWC in Barcelona. Samsung said it didn't want there to be a lengthy gap between the unveiling and actual launch. As such, it chose to postpone the announcement of the Galaxy S III until closer to the phone's release.

Since then there's been tons of speculation as to when the phone will launch, what kind of specs it will sport, and what it will look like. Today Samsung finally put us out of our misery with invites to a press event scheduled for May 3. Though Samsung's invites didn't specifically say the event was for the Galaxy S III, the tagline reads 'Come and meet the next Galaxy,' and unless we're going to see an all new Galaxy tablet, we think it's safe to assume that May 3 is for the Galaxy S III.

The event itself is taking place at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012, which will take place in London. Stay tuned and we'll bring you all the latest S III news on the day!

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  • fantasticles
    Please release the Galaxy Note for Verizon Wireless and I'll grind my teeth as I pay the new Verizon "upgrade fee".
  • maestintaolius
    JOSHSKORNPlease release the Galaxy Note for Verizon Wireless and I'll grind my teeth as I pay the new Verizon "upgrade fee".Ditto.
  • Hmm.. on May the THIRD, coincidence? I think not
  • belardo
    So the new phones look like wet paint in Samsung colors?

    Hope they don't just make them bigger still.
  • tntom
    Seems to be way more anticipation for the GSIII than either the last iPhone or the GS. I guess there is expectation of more drastic change (for the moment as the next iPhone will either be predictable changes or incremental upgrades) from Samsung.

    My wish is that the flagships from Samsung and Apple would have a common theme for each generation but have multiple models 3.5" w/KB, 3.5", 4.0", 4.7", and 5.0" Note. All with same specs.
  • jiangyi
    amavinHmm.. on May the THIRD, coincidence? I think not
    Also, it's May, which is 5, which looks like an S in a way, and the third, so 3. Put it together, and you get S3. ;)
  • MrSmitty81
    I hope its actually available for sale that day as well. My iphone 3gs has a cracked screen and the battery is dwindling and I need a new phone soon and I won't ever buy another apple.
  • phexac
    Pretty pumped for this phone. Here's hoping Samsung doesn't f it up.
  • stevelord
    Will it be like the GS2? "omgz gigaherts thiz and thats!"