Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch Date Sooner Than Expected?

Previously, Samsung executive JK Shine revealed that the the Samsung Galaxy Note III would be made official in September... or will it? Despite hearing that the next gen note phone will launch during the IFA in Berlin straight from the horse's (or executive's) mouth, recent rumours have cropped up that this date may actually be moving forward. While we strive to speculate on only the most plausible rumours, the reasoning behind a decision like this seems to be strengthening ever more, as we reveal below.

Prompting such a decision could be the decline in sales of Samsung's flagship phone: the Galaxy S4. Although the company sold 10 million phones in its first month, Wall Street analysts have revised their monthly sales forecast from 10 million to 7 million, claiming that the phone lacks the "wow factor" and that the continued production of the Galaxy S3 is diverting sales from the flagship phone. Samsung itself is also planning on cutting back their S4 production to a mere 6.5 million units for July, placing further pressure of the company to either increase the sales of another phone (like the Note III), or else expect less revenue for July.

Samsung also needs to start thinking about the competition, as added pressure from upcoming smartphones would make selling the Note III more difficult than if it was released earlier. Possible competition would come in the form of the Sony Xperia ZU (recently released as the world's largest smartphone), or even the rumoured HTC T6 phablet, which could even be the first device to run Android Key Lime Pie 5.0. An early Note III release could get an edge on the HTC T6, and compete with the Xperia ZU from the beginning. 

All this coupled with some bad press is really turning the screws on Samsung, which makes an earlier launch of the Note III a district possibility. One such article is from CNN itself claiming the S4 line-up to be "gadget spam", which while harsh, may have an essence of truth to it. Do you think an earlier launch would save Samsung's summer financial budget, and are all the Galaxy S4 versions being released only crippling or actually helping the device's reputation and popularity? 

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  • sbudbud
    High quality build aka non plastic, Snapdragon 800, 1080p resolution, latest Android OS Jellybean/Key Lime Pie, 3000MaH or more battery, 5.3-5.7 inch screen and I'm sold.
  • salh
    I dont see it even touching the xperia z ultra unless there are some drastic improvements in design, specs EVERYTHING
  • halcyon
    Please release the Note III with a 1920x1080 (or higher) resolution, 2GB (or more) RAM, and 32GB of onboard storage, a MicroSD slot for expanding storage, a nice quad core (or better) processor, ...and of course a 3100+ mAH removable battery.

    Am I being unrealistic to expect such in a flagshippy device in mid-2013?