Samsung Teases Galaxy S4 in Video: 'It’s Unreal'

Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser

Ahead of its unveiling on Thursday, Samsung has once again teased its Galaxy S4 smartphone in a video.

"It's beautiful. It’s my favorite color. It’s unreal, totally amazing," says Jeremy, the Galaxy S4 messenger. The video shows him taking home the box with the device, while his neighbor, Jane, begins to inquire about the smartphone, with her mother also joining in.

Jeremy takes the box into his room and opens it, where it then glows. The reference of color undoubtedly hints at Samsung preparing a multitude of colored variants for the Galaxy S4.

Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy S4, which was initially teased through a similar video on March 14 at an Unpacked event. It'll be live-streamed on the firm's YouTube channel.


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  • edogawa
    Oh, I know what's going to happen! He's going to show off his Galaxy 4 in a class room when all the other kids have iPhones!
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  • sp00
    Galaxy 4 perfect for your kids? It's going to be fruity isn't it.
  • TidalWaveOne
    All fluff and no substance.
  • wannabepro
    Trying to think of something funny to reply. Meh..