Samsung Teases 'Unprecedented' TV Design at CES

Samsung has teased an "unprecedented" television design that it'll showcase during the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

The South Korean technology giant teased that "true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design."

The teaser on its Samsung Tomorrow post is also accompanied by an image, as seen above, which depicts a portrait-centric screen on a beach with a translucent screen.

Samsung previously confirmed that it'll reveal the world's largest ultra HD television during CES. The forthcoming device will be "the world's largest commercialised UHD LED TV" and will feature over eight million pixels, as well as displaying "lifelike" pictures to viewers.


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  • caltiger123
    *Sigh*, if only actual people could afford these.
  • freggo
    it will take a few years and then we will be able to afford one.
    Only by that time we will of course be holding out for the new 32MP displays :-)
  • husker
    "...unprecedented new TV shape."
    New TV shape? A rectangle comes to mind as the current shape. Do they mean their TV isn't a rectangle? Perhaps it will be a parallelagram or an octagon?