Kingston Reveals its First SandForce-based SSD

This week at Computex, Kingston revealed its very first 2.5-inch SSD using a SandForce controller targeting enthusiasts, gamers and performance users. Dubbed as the Kingston HyperX, the SSD is based on SandForce SF-2281 controllers and a SATA 6 Gb/s interface, and ships next month in 120 and 240 GB capacities.

"This launch is very exciting for us at Kingston," said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager. "The SandForce controller allows us to deliver the high-end performance that is needed for power-users, gamers, and enthusiasts. Integrating a final production quality controller and firmware, and undergoing extensive testing has been an exacting process, but well worth the wait. By pairing SandForce’s latest controller with Intel 25-nm compute NAND (P/E 5K), we have built an SSD that meets the requirements set by true enthusiasts.”

As stated, the SF-2281 controller is paired with Intel's 25-nm Compute NAND (P/E 5K), allowing for sequential read/write throughputs of 525/480 MB/s and IOPS of 40,000/60,000 (240GB). SandForce DuraClass Technology provides best in class endurance whereas Advanced Wear-Leveling technology ensures that flash memory blocks are consumed at a very balanced rate. Additional features include TRIM and S.M.A.R.T. Support, and user-configurable over-provisioning for tweaking performance to suit the user's individual needs.

"Enthusiasts have long known the Kingston HyperX brand as the industry leader in cutting edge memory," the company said. "The new HyperX SSD continues this tradition of innovation and high performance by pairing the latest SandForce controller with Intel® 25nm compute NAND (P/E 5K) to provide the performance and endurance that the most demanding users require."

Both Kingston HyperX SSDs are expected to ship on July 11, 2011. They'll be backed by a three-year warranty and Kingston's 24/7 tech support.

  • Onus
  • jrharbort
    Considering it's a performance based SSD, it's safe to assume the price will be in the range of $240~$280 for the 120GB model, and $440~$480 for the 240GB model. Kingston's current SSDs offerings have been somewhat average, but affordable. This is a huge step up to meet the demand for performance users.
  • eklipz330
    i love the color scheme, but GOD ssd's haven't dropped in price in months!! last time i saw it for $2/gb was in novemeber...
  • scook9
    Would have been nice to see these backed by the same lifetime warranty that the hyperx ram carries
  • alidan
    scook9Would have been nice to see these backed by the same lifetime warranty that the hyperx ram carriesdoes the lifetime mean our life time, or life time of the system its installed in?

    also i have seen ssds as low as i think 1.30$ or 1.50 somewhere in that range, but you were paying for a 512gb drive.
  • I purchased an SV425 from Kingston a little over a year ago. They refused to give any - not one - FW update to this drive. I refuse to buy another Kingston product, memory, SSD or thumbdrive. Beware - this company does not support released products. Once it's out the door, it's on to the next product.
  • webbwbb
    I just got a 128gb Kingston SSD for $111 after MIR. Newegg was having a sale on them where it was $190 plus a $60 rebate and I had a 10% off coupon code on a solid state ($19 off). I also used a Shoprunner trial to get free shipping. It may not be the fastest drive but it is a decent speed, mid capacity drive for under $1/GB...
  • WR2
    @ webbwbb;
    It's still a great SSD.
    128GB @ 250MB/s 230MB/s read/write for $111 is a fantastic bargain.
  • cj_online
    WR2@ webbwbb;It's still a great SSD. 128GB @ 250MB/s 230MB/s read/write for $111 is a fantastic bargain.
    Really poor Random IOPS tho.
  • kingnoobe
    Heres the thing alidan.. It means what the warranty actually states in the fine print that most people don't bother reading. Anything from lifetime warranty only manufacturer (bad parts, things of that nature) defects all the way to if it breaks for any reason including you ran it over with a lawnmower it's covered.

    I stick have my intel ssd, and probably just stick with it unless prices become more reasonable there really isn't any reason for me to get another one.