Seagate Announces Backup Plus Hard Drives

Seagate has reinvented backing up your content with its new line of mobile 2.5-inch external hard drives. The Backup Plus drives feature Seagate Dashboard, an interface that will backup your content with one-click. Designed for both Mac and PC users, Backup Plus hard drives also provide a way to share and save photos to and from social networking sites. This means that no matter where your content is saved, the drive can retrieve it and back it up.

"Backing up needs to be an essential part of everyone's digital life. Nearly everything that is dear to us is now in a digital format; from tax documents, to emails, to family photos and video, many of these files can not be recreated in the event of an accidental loss or system failure," said Scott Horn, vice president of Marketing at Seagate.

"Seagate is in the business of keeping digital content and files protected in every aspect, whether it is in the cloud, stored on PC or with our external consumer products. Backup Plus is a product that eliminates the barriers to protecting these digital assets. The new Dashboard delivers a simple and complete backup experience with the added benefit of saving photos and video stored on Facebook and other social networks."

Powered by USB 3.0, the new portable 2.5-inch drives require no external power source and work interchangeably with Mac and PC.

Available starting today in red, blue, silver, and black, the portable 2.5-inch external drives will be offered in 500GB ($119.99), 750GB ($129.99), and 1TB ($139.99) capacities. The larger 3.5-inch desk drives will be offered in 1TB ($129.99), 2TB ($149.99), 3TB (179.99), and 4TB ($249.99) capacities.

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  • I realize 2.5" form factor makes for easier storage and transporting, but also makes for shorter life and higher temps than most green-friendly 3.5" drives.
  • alidan
    4tb doe 250$ someone confirm this.

    its getting o so close to where i will buy a 4tb drive, i can almost taste it.
  • Avenger762
    I think someone messed up on the 2.5" drive prices. What's the point of buying 500GB drive when the 1TB is $60 cheaper? If that's the case maybe I should get two before they figure it out.