Hackers Connect Shock Collars to Sega Genesis Controllers

No doubt you've had some experience with game controllers that rumble, vibrate, or otherwise provide feedback when you screw up. A pair of French hackers have taken things to the next level. Instead of minor physical feedback that does nothing but notify you of your mistake (as if you didn't already know, silly controller!), Dyak and Furrtek rigged up a system that actually inflicts pain when you get hit.

The pair got their hands on a couple of those electric collars that some dog owners use to teach their dog not to bark all day long while they're not home. The idea is that the collar administers a shock to the dog when he barks. The dog then begins to associate barking with the pain from the shock and stops barking unnecessarily. Except in this instance, instead of a dog, they put the collars on themselves. They hacked their Sega Genesis console so that it would signal the controllers when they took a hit. This signal would translate to a shock from the dog collar.

Check out the video of their exploits below. For more on how they did it, check our Furrtek.org (Google Translate warning: The original text is in French).

Sega Genesis Shock Collar

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  • wavetrex
    AAAhh aah merde!! aaah non non MERDE#&*@ aaaah !

    Lol this was so incredibly funny =)
  • Better use for them than on a Dog!

    Electric Dog Collars are designed for shit arse lazy Dog owners to stupid to learn how to train their dog properly!

    Let me stick that collar on your neck and teach you how not to talk.
  • Pennanen
    This just proves that french people are wussies. They take them off after 1 hit.