Intel Announces Atom Bay Trail Processor For Tablets

Intel has announced new Bay Trail Atom processors for tablets, as well as the 'Lexington' processor for smartphones.

The new Bay Trail Atom system-on-a-chip processors are quad-core and are notably smaller than previous Atoms thanks to a new 22nm design. They boast better "all-day" battery life and greater processing power, which is apparently twice as fast as current Atoms. Quad-core Bay Trail Atoms is currently scheduled for a launch by holiday 2013.

For worldwide markets and budget phones, Intel announced the development of another Atom processor, the 'Lexington'. Intel also announced a smartphone for emerging markets that will sport the Lexington Atom Z2420 w/XMM 6265 chip. The chips are designed for markets including Africa, China, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The chips boasts speeds of up to 1.2GHz with Hyper-Threading, HD video encoding and decoding (1080p 30fps), camera support with seven-frame burst mode, as well as SGX540 graphics. FM radio, microSD card slot and Intel Wireless Display for playback on TVs are also included.


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  • Cazalan
    I was expecting more than 2x with twice the cores. They must have had to scale back the clocks to get that many cores in.
  • joytech22
    SGX540 Graphics..? Great. So they are using generations-old PowerVR technology when something like the SGX543 MP4 could have performed quite well with good battery life.

    In other words, they are using the same GPU as my old now defunct Galaxy S.
  • nuvon
    Lexington, processor for third world countries.