USB Solar Tree Charges Your Gadgets

If you've got plenty of sunshine around and a need to charge your USB gadgets, you'll probably appreciate one of Brando's neat solar chargers. Equipped with a 3,000mAh battery that can be charged via leaf-like solar panels or AC power, the Brando Solar Tree charger lets you grow your own electricity.It may not be the most portable or stylish of solar chargers, but it certainly makes for an interesting desktop decoration. The device is semi-modular and lets you customize the tree to your liking, but the small solar panels may not be as efficient as other charging devices. One advantage the tree does have though, is its budget-friendly price tag of $55.

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  • alyoshka
    Lots of DIY stuff can be thought of with such a contraption. Good for hobbyists.
  • freggo
    A clever thing to have around in southern Florida. We are prone to power failures down here whenever God sneezes :-)
  • myromance123
    Interesting, I wonder how long it takes to charge though. Also, is sunlight the only viable source of energy it accepts or does normal room lighting work too?