Sony Implements Crossbuy Between PS3 and PS Vita

One of the advantages of the Vita that's often touted by Sony is its Crossplay ability with the PS3. Essentially, certain games available on both PS3 and the Vita can be picked up and played on either console, picking up from the last cloud save.

The only issues with the Vita's Crossplay abilities are cost and limited availability. Only a few games are available for Crossplay between the PS3 and the Vita. While Crossplay is convenient, it probably isn't enough to convince the run-of-the-mill customer to buy two copies of the same game at full retail price.

Sony's finally figured this out and has implemented CrossBuy. This means that when customers purchase certain PS3 games, they'll also receive the same game for free on Vita. Unfortunately, this promotion doesn't apply to current Crossplay games, so the only CrossBuy games thus so far are PlayStation All-Stars, Sly Cooper, and Ratchet & Clank QForce.

No doubt the Vita's slow sales have forced Sony's hand in this. We can only hope that more games get added to the Crossbuy lineup. Being able to take full advantage of the Vita's Crossplay features without having to hit the buck is a boon that's sure to draw more customers.


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  • aqualipt
    Who cares about the PS Vita and PS3 when you have a Galaxy S3 and a gaming PC?
  • Anonymous
    i agree with pc vs PS#, the pc is way better.

    but a Galaxy s3 has nothing on the PSP in terms of gaming. you really fell hard on your head for thinking that.
    i use my psp 99% for emu.. and i found galaxy s3 powerful enough to just do that.
    tho i must say it take time get used to the control.
    as for vita.. i give up on sony when sony give up on linux (yea.. i did install it on my ps3 just for the kick)