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Those of you waiting on a PS3 Slim probably haven’t gotten your brand new toy yet and so, have nothing to play with or tear apart. Until then, here's some nice pictures of the device torn asunder and laid out on the operating table for your viewing pleasure.

Our kind friends at Rapid Repair emailed us earlier to let us know they were planning a disassembly as soon as they got their hands on the device. Fast-forward a few hours and the lovely Maya let us know that they had gotten their PS3 Slim early. Check out the pictures of their disassembly below! For the full gallery and step by step instructions on how to find your way around the inside of Sony's latest console, click here.

  • crisisavatar
    cool o.O
  • where the heatsinks for the cpu?
  • 08nwsula
    at least the 360 comes with an self-destruct feature, you have to manually destroy the ps3. crappy playstation.
  • hunter315
    Looks like someone just voided their warranty!

    Its rather impressive how much they managed to shove in there, im curious if its going to have overheating issues with that much shoved it and not much space for airflow, only time will tell.
  • fonzy
    I thought the Cell processor would much smaller, especially the 45nm.
  • a70lwhere the heatsinks for the cpu?
    Last picture, bottom left. This is exactly the design most laptops use, most of the ones I've opened anyway.
  • OwinC
    Well sense the kids have taken it apart. It is left to the grownups to put it all back together again.
  • festerovic
    ALMOST looks small enough to fit in a laptop..
  • megamanx00
    The packaging of the Cell and RSX is still the same but it would be interesting to compare them to their previous versions with the heat spreader removed. At least that heatsink is a heck of alot smaller now :D.
  • ravenware
    a70lwhere the heatsinks for the cpu?It uses a blower fan design with a shroud.