Sony Shows off PS4 in Teaser Trailer, More to Come at E3

This year, 2013, is the year of next-gen announcements. Nintendo leapfrogged both Sony and Microsoft by getting a head start on launching the Wii U late last year, and Sony made its reveal in February. Microsoft will be making a two-part reveal: one tomorrow and another at its E3 conference.

Sony, not wanting to be outshined, showed off the PS4 today in a teaser trailer… sort of. The thirty second trailer blurs out the console, and only small portions of the console are shown off in close-up. Of course, the trailer's more about generating hype and trolling Microsoft the day before the big Xbox reveal, but it also tells us that Sony will be pulling back the covers on what the console itself looks like.

Here's the clip that Sony's released. And yes, despite it looking like it's been shot by a cameraman who can't figure out how to rack focus, it's real:

PlayStation 4 See it First on 6/10/2013

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  • kinggraves
    Maybe when someone pulls the stills those flashes will assemble something that doesn't look like an out of focus toaster. Showing only parts makes me question what they're not showing. Promising a lot of interesting things only raises the bar for what they have to deliver. Trying to manipulate direct questions only makes me wonder why they can't give direct answers. I pay attention to what Sony is like as a company. I do not go into this trusting Sony after how they've handled the PS3, PS Mobile, Vita, and their customers, and they aren't doing anything to change that. I don't care how good the hardware is if the seller has the attitude that they can remove things or fail to deliver down the line.
  • mauller07
    so basically its a black rectangular box with a vented recess around its circumference, vents all across its back and with a wedge shaped front. similar to the wedge of the card reader lid on the original ps3
  • Grandmastersexsay
    I have always been an Xbox guy, but I will go with whatever console finally has native support for MKV...
    Probably going to go with an HTPC.