Star Wars Lightsabers in USB Flash Drive Form

Novelty USB flash drives can be the perfect example of geeky utility. Aside from Transformers USB that actually transform, the next coolest thing could be USB Lightsabers that actually light up.

These official Lucasfilm licensed USB products come in both Darth Vader's red design or Luke Skywalker's green design and measure five inches long. Capacity-wise, they're not much at only 1GB, but the appeal of this product isn't related to storage – it's about having a glowing Lightsaber protruding from your USB port. Sadly, they don't make any noise.

ThinkGeek is now selling these for $20 each.

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  • Socialdisorder
    Buy it you must!
  • flea420
  • romansky
    looks like its for "road warrior" woman... ;)