Ex-Sun CTO Jumps Sinking Ship to Microsoft

Former Chief Technology Officer of Sun Microsystem’s chip unit, Marc Tremblay, has jumped ship and found employment elsewhere. Hardly surprising when if you’ve been reading the news about Sun as of late. However, what is surprising is where he’s headed.

Last night news broke that the former Sun executive was Washington-bound where he would take up a position at Microsoft. Tremblay has spent 18 years at Sun and is responsible for over one hundred patents. According to the Wall Street Journal, he will serve as an engineer in the company’s “strategic software/silicon architectures group,” working under Craig Mundie, Chief of Research and Strategy.

While there wasn’t much information offered on the group itself, WSJ cites a spokewoman as saying Tremblay will be managing a team of technologists “who will help set the company strategy for software and semiconductor technologies, as well as maintain relationships with semiconductor companies.” The company explained in a statement that Tremblay will help oversee cross-company technical task forces and strategic direction for the company's software and semiconductor technologies.

This can’t be good news for Sun. An executive who has remained with Sun through thick and thin jumping ship while the company is in the middle of sourcing a buyer following the collapse of talks with IBM, it all looks very grim for Sun.

(Via WSJ)

  • one-shot
    Maybe they should have looked at what happened to Yahoo after the Microsoft talks. Now the IBM and Sun deal has went the same way.
  • kyeana
    slap in the face :D
  • Greedy and arrogant board members of SUN are, most likely, kicking themselves in the butt.