Synology's NAS Setup Can Serve You Over 100TB

Synology at Computex showed its DS3611xs, the 12-bay NAS DS3611xs that packs a Sandy Bridge processor at 3.1 GHz (we imagine a Core i3-2100), 2 GB of RAM (expandable to 8 GB). Four USB 2.0 ports, two InfiniBand ports and four Gigabit connections (or two 10 GbE).

The bay can accommodate 12 drives, 3 TB each, for a total of 36 terabytes. But if you need more space, you can connect up to two DX1211 expansion units, each with an additional 12 bays in order to reach a total capacity of over 100 terabytes.

These will start shipping in July, but you'd better have your checkbook ready as they're going to cost over $2000.

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  • WyomingKnott
    Next forum member who posts "How can I build a NAS?" will get a link to this page.
  • YardstickWHACK
    Too bad it isn't a standard rack size. I've shipped a few 36TB 2U computers with hot-swappable drives (not even for NAS purposes, but just local video storage).
  • joex444
    I am a fan of large external arrays. But SAS expanders are damn expensive...