T-Mobile Promises Something "Bold" At July 10 Event

Nothing like a last minute invitation to cheer up your Hump Day. T-Mobile on Tuesday sent out invitations for a July 10 event and is promising big things. The invitation itself offers no indication as to what the event is about, but T-Mobile offers the ever tempting teaser, "Our boldest moves yet."


From a company that has already made some pretty bold moves this year, that's a lofty promise to make. Just in 2013 alone, we've seen the company acquire MetroPCS and do away with contracts to become an 'uncarrier.' Tomorrow's news is really anyone's guess, and while it could be something huge, it could also be something a little less than exciting, like the launch of a new device. That seems unlikely, given that the invite came from T-Mobile and bears no other branding. What's more, folks at TMoNews point to an ad that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Monday. The full-page advert highlights AT&T's lengthy upgrade policy before stating, "This Wednesday, see how long your wait can end."

Color us intrigued! Tune in tomorrow for the latest news. The even is at 2pm in NYC.

  • dfusco
    I,m sure it will be like the contract change. "We have this great new program! Yes for everyone! Eh? Well everyone except the scum that have existing contracts,. That trash needs to shut up and continue to toil away! They think that just because they have been with us for years and years they deserve a break? Fools!"

    Just let me out of my contract so that I can switch to another carrier.
  • cats_Paw
    Why is T-Mobiles Marketing toms hardware news?
  • x2ruff4u
    I said it before and I'll say it again. TomsHardware is starting to go down the drain. It's not like it used to be.
  • quilciri
    Something "bold?"

    ...I hope it's bbq sauce.
  • XarchonX
    Really, like their network won't be FAIL in Los Angeles?