Asus Preparing Windows and Google Tablets

Speaking to Forbes on a recent trip to the U.S., Asus chairman, Jonney Shih, said his company is working on at least two tablets that it plans to unveil in the coming months. Similar to the HP's plans for two versions of its Slate, Asus is planning a Windows version of the device, as well as one with Android or Chrome.

Asus is credited for bringing about the netbook revolution with the launch of the Eee PC in October of 2007 but the focus on tablets doesn't mean the company will be abandoning netbooks. Shih says the tablets will be very media-centric, particularly the Google one, and insists there's room for tablets among the crowds of netbooks, smartphones and ereaders.

"Netbooks are the best combination of personal computing and cloud computing," Shih told Forbes. "But between netbooks and smartphones and e-readers, we think there will be a space for something like a tablet or slate PC."

Read the full report on Forbes.

  • kalogagatya
    i have imense respect and expectation when considering asus products!
    Looking foward to see what they'll come up with!
  • lightsaber
    Let the tablet competition begin!!
  • schwiing
    Asus Commercial:

    Tiny Phone! Let me put it in my tiny purse haha! Tiny Tablet!...Tiny everything!
  • Abrahm
    This is the tablet I have the highest hopes for! I think ASUS can deliver a stellar Android tablet. I would be shocked if their tablet came with Chrome instead of Android, as their prototype had the standard 4 Android buttons, and I think Chrome is more fit for netbooks than a tablet.
  • falchard
    I like the gall ASUS has. Personally, I don't find much of a market space for Slates unless they also use a digital pen and have the power behind them to make writing feel more natural. Nothing natural about your pen strokes lagging behind.
    One feature I would definetly like is the ability to connect to your PC and act as a monitor/tablet. I don't like how WACOM has a monopoly in input tablets. They haven't inovised anything about input tablets for 6 years.
  • tsnorquist
    Asus, please fullfill this wish list:

    AMOLED 720p resolution screen with stylus (Pressure sensitive for us artist & photobugs)
    SD/MicroSD reader
    Wireless N
    USB 2.0 (3.0 may be too much to ask for now)
    Cameras for pictures and video chat.
  • sliem
    schwiingAsus Commercial:Tiny Phone! Let me put it in my tiny purse haha! Tiny Tablet!...Tiny everything!
    Ha! Family Guy.
    Hey not all tiny stuff is bad...
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    without knowing anything about this upcoming tablet, anything at all, except that it is Asus, i would preorder this over the iPad anyday. THAT is how much trust I have in Asus to make a better product than apple. (although that is not hard.)
  • hemelskonijn
    The title is in my opinion a bit confusing ...

    One runs windows the other runs google ?

    I think it should be something like:

    Asus Preparing Windows and Android/Chrome Tablets.

    or at least to keep things consistent:

    Asus Preparing microsoft and Google Tablets.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Another company getting in on the act. Will the niche market be large enough to support all of them?