Transcend Rolls Out Efficient SSD740 Series SSDs

Transcend is introducing a new lineup of SSDs, the SSD740 series. These SSDs are not so much intended to be used in the consumer market as they are in the industrial segment, particularly due to a number of interesting features.

The SSDs will feature a SATA3 interface, and in combination with the JMicron JMF667H controller, are able to pump out 530 and 470 MB/s read and write speeds, respectively. The drives also feature DDR3 DRAM cache. The drives are built on a 2.5" 7 mm form factor, and weigh only 52 grams each. They also feature an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of a staggering one million hours. The drives will also operate between temperatures ranging from -40℃ all the way up to 85℃. The drives will also work on older SATA or SATA2 interfaces.

The SSD740's most interesting feature, though, is the support for DevSleep mode. This means that the drive can completely shut itself off, as well as the SATA interface to conserve a lot more power than traditional slumber states. While active, the drives will use up to 2.86 W, and 0.43 W while idle (though not in DevSleep mode).

There was no word on when the drives would hit the market, nor information on pricing, though the drives will come in capacities ranging from 64 GB up to 256 GB.

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  • techseven
    How is their reputation really? And what about garbage collection?
  • purrcatian
    JMicron has a terrible reputation, especially in the SSD space. I can't see any self respecting industry picking these up.
  • halcyon
    Well, I'm willing to give the underdog a chance (I'm an AMD supporter too). Let's see how they bench compared to the more popular alternatives.