Twitter UK Revealed 'Flock' Twitter Clock

Twitter UK teamed up with London design studio Berg to produce a Twitter clock. A clock that announces when you've got a new @reply, a new follower, or someone has retweeted a particularly witty 140-character musing from your feed. Of course, Twitter couldn't just use any old clock for such a project. Nope. A clock that notifies you of Twitter alerts has to be a cuckoo clock.

"We wanted to create something that alerts you in a unique and enchanting way when someone replies, retweets, or when you get a new follower," said Twitter's Jean Chow.

Powered by Berg Cloud, the clock is dubbed #Flock, and, according to Engadget, will only be be given to only to companies and people that "push the creative boundaries." The rest of us will have to make do with a video of the clock in action. Check it out in the video below: