Epic Games Opens Seattle Studio to Push Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games said on Thursday that it has launched a new studio in Seattle primarily focused on accelerating the engineering efforts for its Unreal Engine 4 technology. That probably means lots of up-all-nighters and loads of coffee piped in through an IV, and America's coffee capital -- Seattle, Washington -- naturally seems to be the best place to accomplish that.

Starting today, the company is recruiting developers to work on its latest "technological projects" over on the west coast. That said, job listings for Epic’s Seattle office can be found at http://www.epicgames.com/careers/seattle. Honestly, it sounds like Epic wants to be near its best friend – Microsoft – to keep close developmental ties with the upcoming Xbox Infinity (720) console.

"The proximity to key partners, the density of world-class talent and all the factors that make Seattle an attractive place to live convinced us that it is the perfect locale for Epic’s West Coast operation," said Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps. "We are looking to hire even more of the best engineers around to contribute to Unreal Engine 4, which we believe is set to change the way we all make games."

Epic said it is searching for exceptional programmers and support staff to collaborate with its engineering group. Epic is especially looking to hire senior-level talent specializing in online game services and the infrastructure to support them. Currently Epic is looking to fill the following spots at its Seattle studio:

* Animation Systems Programmer
* Audio Tools Programmer
* Engine Programmer
* Java/Online Server Programmer
* Lead Online Programmer
* Rendering Programmer
* Tools Programmer

"We will soon announce the official corporate identity and key leadership for Epic’s new Seattle studio," Epic said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, gamers are still drooling over the spectacular Unreal Engine 4 demon-faced demo that made its first appearance at E3 2012 back in June. Fortnite is the first game to use the new engine which can be seen here.

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  • lpedraja2002

    @ semeku
    "We already had massive particle systems, we already had GPU rendering, all these things. Deferred shading. We had tessellation already since we shipped Crysis 2. We already had DX11. We didn't just talk it up as tech demos, we have games that are shipped and are doing it," said Yerli.

    I'm not a fanboy or anything but I believe Yerli. I don't know about you guys but if you can't acknowledge that Crysis after all this time is still on the very top of best looking games to date then there is something wrong with you and the modders have made the game look even more insane. Just search through some of those realistic Crysis mods and you'll see.

    Still, this is about Unreal Engine 4 and I'm very excited to see its first games.
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  • Anonymous
    When new video cards are launched, the new (legitimate) question should be, "But can it run Crysis Unreal Engine 4?
  • master_chen