Samsung's 55-inch 4K TV to Cost £4K in UK

Ultra HD TVs, also referred to as UHD TVs or 4K TVs, were huge at CES. Each booth we visited seemed to have bigger TVs than the last. Samsung just recently launched an 85-inch 4K TV in the United Kingdom. The S9 costs a whopping £35,000. Still, it looks like Samsung is keen to cater to living rooms of all sizes, as it's just announced two more 4K TVs for the UK.


Samsung on Tuesday announced that its UHD F9000 TV is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom. Though the UHD F9000 is considerably smaller than the S9, you'll still want some serious cash on hand to jump on this trend. The 55-inch model is priced at £3999.99. If a 55-inch TV seems a little on the dinky side for you, you can always drop an extra two grand on the 65-inch model, which is priced at £5999.99.

Featuring quad-core CPUs, 70 W Speaker output and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 capability, the TVs also pack Samsung's own Smart Evolution technology, which the company claims makes them 'Future Ready.' There's Samsung's built-in S Recommendation with voice interaction, and the company's Micro Dimming technology, which promises deeper blacks and more vivid colors.

No word on which retailers will be offering these beauties, but we'll keep you posted.

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  • sgadadish
    Expensive? are u kidding me ? for a 4K TV its one of the cheapest out there ( and most of us can't afford it anyway..)
  • mauller07
    i still would like a higher resolution 24 inch monitor.
  • The_Trutherizer
    Are you kidding? 40inch is big - Real big. 55inch if you can afford it. There's no content for the 4K standard yet anyway.