Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV Hitting UK Priced at £35,000

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January, Samsung put on quite a show. For any home theater buff, the place was heaven. Huge TVs with vivid colours, amazing design, and 4K resolutions. The only thing wrong with the place was that the prices of these TVs was as shocking as the quality of the TVs. Except not in a good way.

One of the glorious TVs on display was an 85-inch UHD 4K unit dubbed the S9. We actually went to visit this mesmerizing TV when things on the show floor were getting a little too much to handle. Unfortunately, that may be the most we ever get to see of the S9. One UK department store planning to sell the TV has finally put a price on it. And yes, that price is very high.


Crave reports that the 3820x2160 will go on sale in Selfridges priced at £35,000 and that it is exclusive to the department store, which means you won't be able to get it anywhere else.

"This is the world's first Future Ready UHD TV, the quality and design breaks new boundaries in the world of HD TV," Selfridges technology buying manager Richard Jones is quoted as saying. "Our customers expect the latest and finest technology for their homes and personal use. We hope to pioneer the way forward in the latest releases and Samsung is exactly this."

Aside from its awe-inspiring resolution, the S9 also features Samsung's Samsung's Smart Evolution kit for easy upgrades, and a unique easel style design.

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  • slomo4sho
    And to think that the Seiki 50 inch 4k screen is only $1200... Considering a 1080P 80" Aquos goes for around $4000 or a 90" Aquos for $9000, a 85" 1080P should sit around $6000. Is this screen really worth 6-7 times as much as a 1080P display? I guess people have money to burn...
  • Shaun o
    £35,000 There will be someone out there that will buy one.
    It would be nice to have one. Sadly I suspect not many units will be sold.
  • eszklar
    As slomo4sho has aptly indicarted: 4k Seiki 50" for $1500 CAD:
    Sounds good to me.