Average Broadband Speed in UK Rises to 9Mbps

The United Kingdom's telecoms watchdog has revealed that the national average speed of broadband has risen to 9Mbps. This represents a significant increase over last year's national average, which was measured at 7.6Mbps. The 9Mbps figure comes from Ofcom's latest research into fixed-line residential broadband, which was carried out in May of this year. 

Ofcom says that though the rise in average speeds is partly because its research now includes superfast broadband packages (such as Virgin's up to 60Mbps service and BT's Infinity 2, which offers up to 76Mbps), customers are also benefiting from improved speeds thanks to network upgrades being carried out by ISPs.

Ofcom's research also took a look at the speeds of individual ISPs. The watchdog found that Virgin Media's 'up to' 100Mbps service was the fastest when tested. Research revealed actual speeds of 88.3Mbps over a 24-hour period on this service. However, Ofcom also reported that a higher proportion of Virgin Media cable customers experienced speeds of less than 90 percent of their average maximum speeds during busy periods.

During busy peak periods, a higher proportion of Virgin Media cable customers experienced speeds of less than 90% of their average maximum speed, compared to BT Infinity fibre customers. BT's Infinity, which offers up to 76Mbps gave actual speeds of 58.5Mbps, while Virgin's 60Mbps gave speeds of 55.9Mbps. BT's 38Mbps package gave speeds of 32.2Mbps and Virgin's 30Mbps service produced speeds of 30.1Mbps.


Ofcom started measuring the average actual UK fixed-line residential broadband speeds in November 2008. Since then, the average speeds have risen from 3.6Mbps to today's 9Mbps.

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  • captainblacko
    Do you think it's worth me contacting talktalk and complaining my broadband is under performing when compared to the average rates?

    i get around 6mb/s on talktalk and im less than 1mile from the exchange on an unlimited package.

  • eddieroolz
    If you're supposed to be getting more than 6Mbit/s in your plan, then yes. I lived 1.5-2 miles from the exchange and I was getting the proper 25Mbit/s as advertised.
  • assasin32
    I am stuck on a 1.5mb line that I have had for 10 years. It sad but I have had the 3g on my phone go just as fast on a few occasions.
  • ohim
    Romania might have one of the shittiest politicians and most corrupt on the planet but we sure do have good internet speeds here :)

  • bavman
    I think the US is gonna take a nice jump soon once google gets on rolling out fiber lines in major towns
  • KelvinTy
    1st year of getting my own place, O2, 20mbps plan (with average of 5mbps, highly unstable with unlimited jitter!) just because the "unlimited" usage. However, it isn't, and the tenants and I received a few warning letters.
    2nd year, my friends wanted SkyTV. So, 24mbps? or 20? plan, almost the same, except slightly higher speed with FKing speed cap when we are actually using it. Yet another advertised unlimited bullshit.
    3rd year, Virgin 8mbps (because my building doesn't have fiber laid yet), and it sucks even worse... horrible capping, horrible latency, horrible speed...
    After that, finally, my savior, BE Unlimited offers their service, truely unlimited, and holy the fastest speed you can get!
  • Wow English Taffy flows at a faster rate, No blueray for the Queen!
  • ojas
    Sadly, when i was living in the UK, the average speed must have been 56 kbps.
  • fb39ca4
    bavmanI think the US is gonna take a nice jump soon once google gets on rolling out fiber lines in major townsThat will happen in three-to-five years :(
  • alyoshka
    And we're still stuck on 256K.....