Intel 910 Series SSDs Certified for VMware

In response to consumer demand, Intel’s enterprise-class 910 Series Solid State Drives have received VMware certification, which according to the press release, will allow VMware servers to “obtain greater hypervisor guest scalability taking advantage of the 910’s 2000 MB/s and 180k IOPS throughput versus a few hundred IOPS from high rpm hard drives.”

Intel also notes that the 910 Series’ greater throughput will allow higher CPU utilization that enables servers to scale for “tomorrow’s virtualization workloads,” and therefore reduce the need to deploy additional servers.

The Intel 910 Series SSDs are based on 25 nm MLC NAND, feature a PCIe interface, and offer read / write IOPS of 90,000 / 48, 000 (400 GB) and 180,000 / 75,000 (800 GB). Further information on the 910 Series is available on Intel’s website.