Counter Strike:GO Cinematic Trailer Unveiled

With Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive release just around the corner, GTTV paid a visit to Valve for an exclusive look at the highly anticipated title's pre-launch trailer. During the visit, GTTV host Geoff Keighley met with Gabe Newell to discuss a few of Valve's upcoming titles and the outspoken developer's stance on Windows 8.

Just a few weeks ago, Valve Software boss Gabe Newell said, "I think that Windows 8 is kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space." When asked again about the comments, he said he'd love to be wrong about the operating system. Valve's profit margins depend heavily on whether or not PCs function correctly, and Newell believes Windows 8 will over-complicate things.

When asked about the elusive Half-Life 3, all Newell had to say was "I hate sharks". Though we may not have gotten a taste of Half-Life 3, GTTV got their hands on a Source Filmmaker-based cinematic trailer for the upcoming FPS hit. Check out the video above or head to GTTV for the full episode. 

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Tuan Mai
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  • A Bad Day
    Will CS:GO be as successful as its predecessor?...
  • zomow
    I've played the beta... and I don't like it at all really.
  • dudewitbow
    zomowI've played the beta... and I don't like it at all really.the game atm is rapidly changing. last few patches were extreme changes if you havent played the recent edition.
  • madjimms
    Too quick for me, I hate the whole "run & gun" type games. I'm waiting for Heroes and Generals to release!
  • dauntekong
    Only if the game play was like the CG movie... that will be awesome... I'll stick with Steam's CS Source.
  • invlem
    If you were at home with CS:S, you'll feel right at home in CS:Go. That said, it almost feels too much like source, doesn't feel like I'm playing a new game so much as I just re-installed source again...

    We'll see how it progresses.
  • dauntekong
    Only difference from CS Source and GO is ranks and metals. CS Go is like play CS Source WoW maps. Just without the magic, but gun upgrades...
  • therabiddeer
    CS:GO is more like 1.6, so if you liked 1.6 but hated source you will like it more. There is just enough "source" to it that source players should like it too. If you dont like actual strategy based FPS, you might not like it. This game is not call of duty.
  • lasaldude
    madjimmsToo quick for me, I hate the whole "run & gun" type games. I'm waiting for Heroes and Generals to release!
    READ: (^^Camper^^)
  • antilycus
    That's NOT A TRAILER
    It's a cut scene. It doesn't really show any of the game, what so ever, just some 3d rendering verison of it.... grrrr