AMD ''Vishera'' FX-Series CPU Pricing Leaked

AMD is hoping the upcoming FX "Vishera" second-generation Bulldozer multi-core CPUs are the success that many users hoped for with the original Bulldozer. With Steamroller looming around the corner, the FX "Vishera" CPUs are expected to release in October in four models.

The pricing listed by BLT (if accurate) has the flagship FX-8350 coming in at $253.00. Based on the specs revealed in late August, FX-8350 is listed with a 4.00 GHz clock speed (4.20 GHz TurboCore speed), eight-cores, 16 MB of total cache and TDP of 125W. The FX-8320 features 3.50 GHz clock speed, eight-cores, 16 MB of total cache and TDP of 125W. The FX-8320 is priced at $242.05. 

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Manufacturer:  AMD
BLT Item #Mfg. Part #DescriptionPrice
BPW4489FD4300WMHKBOXFX 4300 QC PROCESSOR AM3+ 8MB 95W 3800 MHZ$131.62
BPW4488FD6300WMHKBOXFX 6300 6C PROCESSOR AM3+ 14MB 95W 3500 MHZ$175.77
BPW4487FD8320FRHKBOXFX 8320 8C PROCESSOR AM3+ 16MB 125W 3500 MHZ$242.05
BPW4486FD8350FRHKBOXFX 8350 8C PROCESSOR AM3+ 16MB 125W 4000 MHZ$253.00

To round off the list, the FX-6300 features 3.50 GHz clock speed (4.10 GHz TurboCore speed), six-cores, 14 MB of total cache, TDP of 95W. The FX-6300 is at priced $175.77. The FX-4300 features 3.80 GHz clock speed, four-cores, 8 MB of total cache, TDP of 95W, with an expected price of $131.62. None of the FX processors are expected to support integrated GPU, but will support a full list of "Piledriver" features.

An earlier version of this story erroneously listed certain features of Piledriver. To clarify, AMD Perfect Picture HD, AMD Steady Video 2.0 are graphics features and Wireless Display is for notebooks.

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  • memadmax
    How about some benchmarks instead?
  • CaedenV
    Good luck AMD, I am not your biggest fan, but I am rooting for you this go around!
  • CaedenV
    memadmaxHow about some benchmarks instead?Because this is an Ad site, they do not do benchmarks here

    you dunce, they will have benchmarks as soon as the NDA lifts, or they have a product to test! You think they will let one of the potentially largest game changing CPUs go un-benched?
  • cats_Paw
    125W? if true we got a monstrosity there... Dont even want to start thinking how much will it draw when overclocked.
  • miamore101
    I am slightly turned on by this.
  • bucknutty
    An i7 3750 has 4 cores at 3.5 plus turbo and and HT, and it only draws 77 watts. Of course it costs a bit more around 350 vs 250. I have been an AMD guys since I got my amd-k6 233mhz 15 years ago so I am hoping they can pull a rabit out of thier hat.
  • awood28211
    I just bought the 8150.. but I'll move that to my other box as soon as I can lay hands on the 8350...if they'd just release the danged thing!
  • schmich
    cats_paw125W? if true we got a monstrosity there... Dont even want to start thinking how much will it draw when overclocked.125W has been the norm for AMD's highest end for a while. Intel has had 130W for its extreme processors. Sandy Bridge had 95W and Ivy Bridge 77W so. It's quite the difference between the two manufactures.
  • yobobjm
    If that 8350 has anywhere near that 20% increase promised, and is still a 125w tdp, an upgrade will be a no brainer. I hope AMD doesn't dissapoint this time.
  • murzar
    Samsung 840 and now this, I can already imagine a really awesome build in my mind!