Vizio Launches Thin+Light Series of Laptop Computers

Vizio's new Thin + Light series is available in both 14-inch and 15-inch sizes, with only resolution setting them a part. The 14-inch Thin + Light features a 1600 x 900 resolution display, while the 15-inch variant boasts a full 1080p display. Both notebooks are packed with Ivy Bridge Processors, Intel 4000 Graphics, a 128GB Solid State Drive, SRS Premium Audio and seven hours battery life. Vizio is also offering a heftier notebook, which features an Nvidia GPU along with similar specs. However, what makes these notebooks truly stand out is their attractive design.

"PCs haven't always been made with design at the forefront. While customers want an elegant, multi-purpose device capable of executing tasks and flawlessly delivering entertainment, some PCs still look like mundane work machines," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO.

"VIZIO is passionate about innovation, design and the user experience. We listened to consumers and created a line of PCs that deliver on productivity but are also uncompromisingly clean, stylish and sophisticated."

Vizio is also hoping to give their notebooks a bloat-free experience, with the help of a "V key." Pressing the V Key will let the user access and download video-related software, instead of arriving forcefully pre-installed.

Starting at $899 for the 14-inch Thin + Light and $949 for 15.6-inch, both notebooks can be upgraded to i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge Processors and increased SSD capacity.

Check out our hands on preview with these computers here!

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  • lunyone
    I would have liked to seen an option to have an AMD APU, so I could have a better GPU for the laptop. Mind you the Intel 4000 GPU is pretty good by Intel standards, but I'm sure they could have knocked off probably another $50-100 off of the price by using AMD APU's.
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  • lamorpa
    What a design! That is the most silvery silver I've ever seen...
  • Vettedude
    My next laptop is gonna be a Vizio. They have a vision. Their designs are great, their Windows has no crapware.
  • friskiest
    Most of the "crapware" you get from other PC laptops are 3rd-party programs,. not from Microsoft.