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Walmart's Straight Talk Unlimited Plan Isn't Really Unlimited

As is the case for most cell phone plans touting an "unlimited" package, Walmart's Straight Talk plan doesn't really offer unlimited data as advertised.

Recently, when Walmart announced its plan to sell the iPhone with a $45/mo payment for an unlimited plan, there was good reason to be suspicious. It sounded too good. And it turns out that it was exactly that.

The Straight Talk plan actually only offers 2 GB of data per month. Past that limit and customers are sure to experience throttling on their bandwidth. Some customers found themselves completely cut off on data.

$45/mo for unlimited talk and text, and 2 GB of data isn't half bad for a cell phone plan. Still, Straight Talk might want to rethink its marketing strategies, lest it anger one too many customers with its sweet talk of unlimited data plans. 

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  • abbadon_34
    Sounds like the existing straight talk plan "fine print"
  • ...Because welfare recipients need a data plan too...
  • house70
    Still a better deal than existing plans from AT&T, Verizon, and such. They will throttle your bandwidth when you reach the cap AND they will slap you with overages.
  • A Bad Day
    I wonder when will the "Unlimited" term's definition become a synonym to "Limited"?
  • Benihana
    A Bad DayI wonder when will the "Unlimited" term's definition become a synonym to "Limited"?Unlimited : Limited :: Inflammable : Flammable
  • A Bad Day
    Suspicious out-of-topic shorten link is suspicious...
  • 11796pcs
    What did you seriously expect from Walmart?
  • blakphoenix
    At least in the US you only get throttled, here in OZ you get charged $2/MB if you go over your limit.
  • QEFX
    mika8311oAnyone else interested in getting on of these for 2013? of the best pieces of hardware out right now if you ask me for the price..
    I'll pass. I prefer my identity to get stolen the old fashion way ... by a disgruntled ex-girlfriend.

  • sykozis
    wow....writer should have done some actual research before writing this load of bull....

    Straight Talk uses Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Phones available through Straight Talk on the Verizon network only work with the $30/month plan. Phones on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks can use the $45/month plan. Phones on the T-Mobile network are subject to being throttled after 2GB. Phones on the Sprint network actually have unlimited data....

    Catherine, please do some actual research. Only the GSM smartphones through Straight Talk have a 2GB cap imposed by T-Mobile. The CDMA smartphones have Sprint's unlimited data plan with no cap at all.

    11796pcsWhat did you seriously expect from Walmart?Walmart is restricted to the limitations imposed by the carriers. If you buy a GSM smartphone, you're stuck with whatever limitations T-Mobile imposes (including that 2GB cap that Catherine obviously made no attempt to research). If you buy a CDMA smartphone, you're stuck with any limitations imposed by Sprint (which does NOT include that 2GB cap as they offer a real unlimited data plan, unlike T-Mobile). If you read the phone packaging, it will tell you which carrier's network the phone actually uses. Verizon's network is only available for "feature phones" though and don't receive the unlimited data plan at all.