Western Digital Launches Wi-Fi Network Extender

Western Digital unveiled a new dual-band wireless network extender on Thursday called the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender. As the name implies, this gadget is an added component to your home or office network, picking up the Wi-Fi signals from your current router and injecting the coverage into previously out-of-reach dead-zone areas.

"Today's home is filled with multiple Wi-Fi connected devices simultaneously streaming movies, music and TV shows on services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU and others," explains Scott Vouri, general manager for WD's connected life solutions group. "The My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender provides faster speeds at greater distances, enabling HD streaming to the outermost areas of the home."

Unlike competing products with only two antennas, WD's new range extender features a 3x3 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antenna array design, extending both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands (if available). With more antennas you get faster, stronger and more reliable network coverage in more places in your home, the company claims.

As with other extenders, customers can either use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to connect the WD device to their existing home network with a push of a button, or presumably take the manual route by physically connecting a desktop or laptop to the extender's Gigabit Ethernet port to configure the connection via a web-based interface.

Along the side of the range extender are three sets of blue LEDs that offer a visual indicator of the network's signal strength. Thus, if the first set of lights are on, the wireless signal is strong enough for Internet use. If the middle set of lights are on, the signal is strong enough for backup and watching low resolution video. All the lights come on when the device is placed in the optimal location.

The My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender is compatible with all Wi-Fi certified routers and gateways, as well as all wireless Wi-Fi standards, from 802.11a to 802.11ac, WD said. The gadget's overall dimensions are 2 (H) x 6 (D) x 5.2-inches (W), and it weighs a mere 0.44-pounds. Unfortunately, what's missing from this extender is a USB port for sharing files from a USB stick or external hard drive like the Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Dual Band Repeater from Amped Wireless (SR20000G).

My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender is available now at select U.S. retailers and online at wdstore.com for a MSRP of $89.99 USD.

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  • Hey, can i advertise my products on here too? I've got a nice set of schweaty balls i'm looking to offload on some lucky lady.

    It's ok, you can call it news, i won't tell anyone.
  • azraa
    Despite the lack of taste of the prior comment, I think the guy has a point.
    This isn't that much of a new.

    HOWEVER, its great to see advances from WD in the connectivity area. As one of the founders of storage and transfer methods (Parallel-ATA, and other related protocols) its a huge gap you must fill right now. Sure, the guys at WD make IMO the best hard drives, but what about linking together your storage to make it actually work?

    Networking is closely tied to storage.
    Glad to hear about this, even if it isnt really news, is relevant for the company.
  • sun-devil99
    I don't view the lack of a USB port as a short coming. I suppose that is because my router (Linksys E3200) already has a USB port which has connected a 500 GB WD My Book external drive.
  • thecolorblue
    other extenders cut the data transfer speeds in half which is FAIL by design... and a waste of money to boot.

    you're better off using a second router... there are guides on the internet on how to do this.
    p.s. this article (advertisement) reads like it was written by someone who is computer illiterate (WD marketing dept)
  • bunz_of_steel
    wha??? no usb port... how dumb. It's trash, wouldn't pay for this plastic tonka toy. I agree that just buy another router and set it up as gateway. I've done it and it works.... can't believe they try to push this out w/out a USB port.... how friggin lame can ya get. WD ....YOU KNOW BETTER!
  • PhoneyVirus
    Lets just hope its not the code junkie kiddy's behind the WDLive Plus because if they are, I wouldn't give
    this device to anyone. I have little or no hope on devices like this coming from WD Good Luck.