Wii U Sells 400,000 in U.S. on Launch Week

The enchantment with the launch of a new console has apparently not been lost, and the Wii U is living proof.

Despite various issues at launch, the Wii U sold 400,000 units in its first week in the U.S. For comparison, it managed to outsell Nintendo's other hardware lineup during Black Friday week, including the Wii at 300,000 units, the 3DS at 250,000, and the DS at 275,000. Unfortunately, the Wii U hasn't been able to capture the first week sales magic set by its predecessor, as half a million Wiis made it into the hands of customers opening week in 2006.

According to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, the Wii U has thus so far been a sellout at retail. "Wii U is essentially sold out of retail and we are doing our best to continually replenish stock."

However, those seeking to get their hands on the new console shouldn't be worried about a shortage like the one that occurred during the Wii's launch. "You couldn't walk into a retailer and buy a Wii until spring of 2009," said Fils-Aime. "We've certainly learned many lessons from that and we are replenishing retailers more quickly this time around. We are looking to have as much product into retail as possible. It's driven by consumer response."

The only question now of the Wii U's success is whether or not it'll manage to bring software that'll draw both a casual and hardcore audience. Will the Wii U manage to attain the same success at retail that the Wii did?

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  • aoneone
    I still have doubts... Maybe I'll buy one after oculus rift in spring of 2013 ^_^
  • Lazlo_Holyfeld
    "Wii U is essentially sold out of retail and we are doing our best to continually replenish stock."

    Hmm.... then how come I saw about 12 of them sitting behind the counter at GameStop this weekend?
  • alidan
    the wii had one game that was a system seller from day one, the wiiu doesnt have that same game, it has a demo of what games could be like, but its a poor example, there there probably wont be a "this is why you get a wii" game for probably 1-2 years

    it will be more about the content on the system than the way you play the games, and for many people, at least 400k right now, it is their go to hard core system.