Windows 7 Beta + McAfee = Bad News

Consumers downloading and test-driving the new Windows 7 beta are experiencing troubles when attempting to run McAfee Total Protection

According to this blog, PCs with Windows 7 Beta installed will not be able to run McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Antivirus... at least not at the moment. While the blog entry gave no specifics, the McAfee installer pops up with a warning, saying that the program does not support "the version of Windows installed on this machine." The installer then promptly refers the installer to the product documentation for a list of supported operating systems.

After a difficult launch, Microsoft was able to patch its download servers and offer the Windows 7 beta by Saturday afternoon after consumers overloaded the Microsoft pipelines. While no immediate complaints have popped up other than the McAfee installation problem, Windows 7 has already racked in mixed reviews, some claiming that the operating system is nothing more than a glorified service pack of the blandly-received Windows Vista, while others believe that Windows 7 is the operating system that Vista meant to be (but fell short).

Still, users of Internet Explorer 8 beta - now integrated into Windows 7 beta - should have seen the compatibility issue coming in regards to McAfee, as the antivirus program is one of many not working in harmony with Microsoft's latest browser. Strangely enough, and as pointed out by the blog, McAfee's browser-based Site Advisor Plus actually does work with both Windows 7 beta and Internet Explorer 8 Beta.

Hopefully, Microsoft and McAfee can iron out the incompatibility bugs before the Windows 7 Beta expires on August 1.

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  • cappster
    McAfee is a terrible anti virus solution. People are better off not using it at all.
  • ricardok
    I don't think McAfee is a good solution for any computer in the market. Avast is light and does a great job, and works on Windows 7 without hiccups.

    Apart from McAfee, I can't seem to be able to install ANY Nokia programs (PC Suite and the Nokia Software Updater) due to the same problem with the invalid windows version.

    Programs such as BSPlayer do have issues but can be worked out.
    Most of the time I can set up the compatibility mode but programs that don't recognize Windows 7 as being the correct version gives out some errors (0xc0000005 is the most common error) when set to run on compatibility mode.
  • Anonymous
    McAfee + Anything = Bad news